Gunstock has a rich history here on Oahu, but there are a few things that may surprise you. Enjoy this list of 10 things you may not have known about Gunstock Ranch:

1) The name of our ranch comes from the favorite horse of our founder, Max. This horse’s name was “Gunstock Rebel.” When it came time to name the ranch, Max decided to call it “Gunstock Ranch” in honor of his favorite horse.

2) Some of our current horses are from the original Gunstock bloodline! Our horses Rondo, Nelly, Libby, Remington, Tex, Buckles, Nitro and Buttons come from this incredible family tree.

3) Cowboy boots only last 6 months. 8 months with duct tape.

4) Our horses receive chiropractic adjustments!

5) We have amazing WWII historical sites on the ranch, including gun turrets and a bunker.

6) We have caves on the property. Some as large as 200ft long with a 40 foot drop. Our most famous cave has been used for Hawaii 5-O, NCIS Hawaii, and the Book of Mormon videos.

7) Majority of management are female. Kyndra (CEO and owner), Lilia (COO and VP of sales and marketing), Melissa (CFO), Kenzie (Trails manager), Kira (Assistant Trails Manager), and Pomai (Office Manager). These ladies do an incredible job of running the ranch. We also love our men - Greg (owner) and Tanner (Ranch Manager).

8) Gunstock had a nickname of recycle ranch. The founder, Max, loved to reuse and recycle any old objects he could get his hands on. Fences were made from old telephone poles and tires, troughs were old bathtubs– but his favorite was old fridges that were used as mounting blocks and planters.

9) We have 13 beehives that produce delicious Gunstock honey.

10) We are one of the last ranches on Oahu that have miles of trails for boarders to ride.

Exploring the hidden stories of Gunstock Ranch unveils a world of rich history, breathtaking landscapes, and thrilling adventures that often go unnoticed. There's always more than meets the eye! We invite everyone to come and make amazing discoveries for themselves here at the ranch. You never know what you might find, and the memories will last a lifetime.