Gunstock Ranch is renowned for its horseback tours, but our beloved off-road tours offer a unique perspective of the ranch. Led by experienced guides, these tours provide an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at our property, allowing you to explore our distinctive locations and delve into our rich history. Here are three compelling reasons why a UTV tour should be on your agenda.

Personalized Adventure with Expert Guides:

At Gunstock Ranch, we stand apart from other Hawaiian ranch tours. Our reputation for private tours extends to our Off-road tours, where our comfortable five-seater vehicles are ready to embark on a tailor-made adventure for you, your family, or your friends. Our friendly wranglers serve as your personal guides, adapting the pace of the ride to your preferences. Feel free to linger at sites of interest and inquire about anything that piques your curiosity. This immersive experience allows you to share an up-close adventure with your favorite companions. And for an extra special touch, consider upgrading to a planting tour or a lunch experience, ensuring your journey with us is truly extraordinary.

Exploration of Unique Sites and Conservation Efforts:

Nestled on a distinctive piece of Hawaiian land, Gunstock Ranch boasts a wealth of natural wonders to discover. During the UTV tour, you'll have the chance to explore one-of-a-kind sites, including an ancient underwater cave that has even been featured in shows like Hawaii 5-0. Coral rocks that dot the ranch further enhance its charm. The tour also invites you to explore our WW2 bunkers and experience exceptional lookout points with stunning views. Not to be missed is the highlight of feeding our cows—a favorite among our guests. You might even catch a glimpse of our adorable newborn calves. With our knowledgeable tour guides ensuring a safe journey, you'll navigate the ranch with ease.

Contribution to Conservation and Community:

The UTV tour offers more than just a glimpse into ranch life; it grants you an insider's look into our commitment to environmental and community well-being. Over 100 acres of land on the ranch are dedicated to planting native Hawaiian trees in collaboration with the Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative. By upgrading to a tree planting tour, you can offset your travel carbon footprint to Hawaii while making a tangible contribution to the local ecosystem. Our tours can be customized and upgraded to align with your values and interests, allowing you to make a positive impact while enjoying an unforgettable adventure.

Gunstock Ranch's UTV tours provide a dynamic and immersive experience, combining personalized exploration, unique site visits, and a chance to contribute to conservation efforts. With knowledgeable guides and a range of customizable options, booking a UTV tour is an invitation to discover the ranch's hidden treasures and leave a positive mark on the land and community.