Gunstock Ranch is not only a great adventure destination, it is a fully working, western style ranch with much to offer.

Real Working Ranch in Oahu, Hawaii

As a working ranch, Gunstock has a wide variety of services and facilities to offer. Everything from boarding, beef, livestock sales, rentals, hauling, an arena and 900 acres based against the majestic Ko’olau Mountains on Oahu’s beautiful North Shore. Gunstock Ranch is a real western style ranch in Hawaii.


Need a place to board your horse? We offer communal pasture, private pastures, and stall options. Boarders also enjoy discounted rates for the use of our facilities and services as well as riding access to 600 acres of Hawaiian country.


As a full working ranch, Gunstock Ranch has horses, cattle and goats that can be rented, leased or sold.

What You’ll Also Find Here at Gunstock Ranch

Grass-Fed Beef

Gunstock Beef is 100% natural, hormone-free, grass-fed beef. Our cows spend their life in open pasture, developing a truly authentic flavor.

Hauling Services

Do you need your livestock transported? We have several trailer options for hauling cattle or horses.

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