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Pony Ride for Kids

Quick Details

  • Walking only ride—no trotting or cantering
  • No pregnant riders, please
Young Adults

A big adventure for little riders

On our pony rides, your kids have a chance to do something they’ll always feel proud of. Riding a horse is an unforgettable experience for kids, and our wranglers will help them become little wranglers in a setting that’s safe and comfortable. 

Parents can walk alongside their child at no charge and get a few great photos along the way. One of our wranglers will lead, or “pony”, the horse while the kids sit in the saddle and feel on top of the world. Parents and kids alike can take in the beautiful scenery on the ranch, enjoying native Hawaiian plants, birds, and a cool, fresh breeze. Gunstock Ranch is situated in one of the most picturesque spots on Oahu’s North Shore, so there’s plenty for all ages to appreciate.

After the ride, children will have a chance to feed and pet the horses for the perfect end to a great adventure.

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