Pony Ride for Kids

Quick Details

  • Availability: Monday – Saturday
  • Start Times: 9:45AM and 12:30PM
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • For all ages! Ideal for ages 2-7

Rides just for kids

The Pony Ride for Kids is a 30-minute “horse experience” that is ideal for children between the ages of two to seven years old. Children six and under will be lead or “ponied” by a wrangler. Older children or even adults are welcome to purchase one of these experiences too if they want to ride a horse alongside their child. Children are allowed to feed and pet their horse after they are put in the saddle and taken on a 20-minute walk out on our Hawaiian ranch.

Parents are welcome to walk alongside their child and take pictures along the way (at no charge). Ride time is set to your availability. This is a fun experience to allow a young child the opportunity to ride a horse in a safe and controlled setting and a fun family-friendly activity to enjoy together on your Hawaiian getaway.