At Gunstock Ranch, we have a deep appreciation for the land we work on. The rich history and beautiful landscape are an integral part of the Ranch. We feel a deep responsibility to protect and preserve this sacred land and we do so in a variety of ways:

1. Legacy Forest

Teaming with The Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative (HLRI), we have been working hard to restore the native forests on Oahu.

We are happy to offer a variety of eco-tours, including tree planting. Tree planting remains a simple but powerful way to fight pollution and create a legacy that will give back to the earth and the community for decades to come.

At Gunstock Ranch, we plant Milo, Kou, and several other endemic trees. Planting native trees on Oahu adds to the reforestation efforts without compromising other local fauna. Milo is a beautiful and spiritually important tree used in and around temples throughout Polynesia. These trees produce beautiful flowers that change color throughout the day. The wood was prized by Hawaiians to make bowls, calabashes, carvings and musical instruments. It was revered in the Hawaiian community, considered a sacred tree and its use was once forbidden to commoners.

So far we have planted thousands of endemic trees! We invite you to come and plant a tree yourself, and give back to the land we all love.

2. Recycle Ranch

The founder of Gunstock Ranch, Max Smith, was a passionate veterinarian and an avid recycler. Over 50 years ago, when the ranch was founded, Smith used to take old objects that were no longer being used and repurpose them. Whether it was an old fridge used as a mounting block or used tires for fence lines, Smith would find a way to reuse everything.
Another man’s junk was his treasure.

After a while, people began to affectionately refer to the Gunstock Ranch as “Recycle Ranch.” While we have updated his thrifty contributions, we carry on his legacy by reducing waste and reusing anything we can.

3. Maintaining and Preserving Trails

At Gunstock Ranch, our commitment to conservation extends to the breathtaking landscapes and trails we offer. Along our pristine trails, we prioritize the preservation of wildlife habitats by carefully planting endemic trees, fostering a thriving ecosystem that supports native flora and fauna. Moreover, our dedication to sustainability doesn’t end there; fallen branches are diligently recycled into either firewood or mulch to nourish the soil, minimizing waste and maximizing the natural resources within our ranch. Through these efforts, we ensure that every step taken on our trails is not just a journey through nature, but a contribution to its preservation for generations to come.

As stewards of the land, Gunstock Ranch remains steadfast in our dedication to conservation. Through initiatives like planting endemic trees and repurposing fallen branches, we not only preserve the natural beauty of our trails but also foster a thriving ecosystem that supports diverse wildlife. Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond our boundaries, echoing a profound responsibility to safeguard our environment for future generations to cherish and enjoy. Join us in our journey towards conservation, and together, let’s continue to make a positive impact on the world around us.