Gunstock Ranch offers a myriad of activities that promise a memorable day filled with laughter and joy for the old and the young! Here are some of our favorite activities we recommend for those with younger children.

Pony Rides for Kids

Pony rides at Gunstock Ranch provide the perfect introduction for the little ones taking their first steps into the world of horses. Gentle, well-trained ponies, accompanied by our knowledgeable Wranglers, guide children on short rides. Under the careful supervision of experienced handlers, kids can enjoy being in the saddle, fostering a love for horses that may last a lifetime.

1-Hour Horseback Scenic Tour

For those seeking a longer adventure, the 1-hour horseback scenic tour at Gunstock Ranch offers a thrilling exploration of the stunning surroundings for those ages 7+. Led by our Wranglers, children and their families can traverse lush landscapes, winding trails, and open fields, creating lasting memories. The scenic tour not only provides an exciting experience but also instills a sense of appreciation for nature and the importance of responsible outdoor recreation. This activity is perfect for families with kids that are of a variety of ages.

Horsemanship Experience

Gunstock Ranch goes beyond the thrill of riding by offering a hands-on horsemanship experience. Children 2+ have the opportunity to learn about horse care, grooming, and the basics of equine communication. This immersive activity not only teaches valuable life skills but also fosters a sense of responsibility and empathy towards animals. Participants gain a deeper understanding of the bond between horse and rider, laying the foundation for a lifelong love of horsemanship.

Unicorn Ride

For a touch of magic, Gunstock Ranch introduces a unicorn ride – a whimsical experience where ponies are adorned with enchanting unicorn costumes. This fantasy-filled adventure sparks the imagination of young riders as they embark on a magical journey through the ranch. The unicorn ride is not just a photo-worthy moment but a captivating experience that adds a touch of wonder to the already magical atmosphere of Gunstock Ranch.

Petting Zoo

At Gunstock Ranch, the adventure doesn’t stop with horses – we believe in offering a wholesome experience that includes a free petting zoo for animal enthusiasts of all ages. Our petting zoo is a delightful haven where children can interact with and feed friendly animals, from fluffy rabbits and gentle goats to a friendly cow. The free petting zoo at Gunstock Ranch is a perfect complement to our equestrian adventures, providing an opportunity for children to broaden their love for animals and create heartwarming memories that extend beyond the saddle.

Gunstock Ranch is a beacon of family-friendly fun, where kids can embark on exciting equestrian adventures that create lasting memories. Whether it’s the gentle introduction of pony rides, the scenic exploration on horseback, the hands-on horsemanship experience, or the enchanting unicorn ride, Gunstock Ranch offers a diverse range of activities that cater to every child’s sense of wonder and adventure. 

With experienced guides and well-trained horses, Gunstock Ranch ensures a safe and unforgettable experience that sparks a lifelong love for the world of horses. So, pack your sense of adventure and head to Gunstock Ranch for a day filled with laughter, joy, and magical moments that your children will cherish forever.

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