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Horseback Planter’s Experience

Quick Details

  • Availability: Monday – Saturday
  • Start Times: 11:00 AM
  • Duration: 2.5 hours

Plant your own Legacy Tree!

Discover historic Gunstock Ranch on a guided horseback tour and leave your mark by planting your very own Legacy Tree. On this two and a half-hour experience, you travel up our beautiful mountainside trails with stunning views of the ocean, coastline, and hills and valleys of the Koolau Mountains. On the return trip, you descend into the Hawaiian Legacy Forest. Many of these trees are rare and, in some cases, highly endangered. Caring individuals like you may be the only way for these trees to avoid extinction.

After selecting your own Legacy Tree, you’re able to personally plant and dedicate your tree in the Legacy Forest. Your tree is tracked via radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology and you’re provided with a certificate of planting that enables you to track the location and growth of your Legacy Tree throughout its lifetime. Visit FindMy.LegacyTrees.org.

A recording of you planting your Legacy Tree is available to you and a copy is permanently linked to your tree online. This proprietary technology is only available for the Hawaiian Legacy Forest.

At Gunstock Ranch, we work hard to keep our tour groups small and intimate. Enjoy the sights and potential opportunities to see wild pigs, our working cattle operation, and various avian species on our Horseback Planter’s Experience and plant a Legacy Tree to help preserve Hawaii’s ecological heritage. This is a great ride for the entire family, ages 7 and up.