Grass-Fed beef – Oahu, Hawaii

Gunstock Ranch is proud to offer 100% natural, grass-fed beef.

Organic, local, slow food – there are a lot of buzz words out there. Those words might describe our product, but as a family-owned ranch with over 40 years of history, we’ve been around a lot longer than the latest catch-phrase.

Our cows spend their life in open meadows, developing a truly authentic flavor. They are not given hormones, antibiotics or any grain products. Grass-finished beef is typically lower in fat than commercially-raised and grain-fed animals. Studies have demonstrated that grass-fed beef can contain up to 50% less saturated fat and as much as six times less total fat than grain-finished beef.

Enjoy high quality, local, organic beef right here in Oahu, Hawaii.


Gunstock Beef Prices

  • 1-pound hamburger – individual vacuum-sealed packages: $5.00/lbs
  • 5-pound hamburger – freezer-ready tubes: $4.25/lbs.
  • Ask about discounts for orders above 100 lbs.

A 20% deposit is required to reserve your order and can be paid via credit card, check or cash.

Orders must be picked up at our ranch. Come visit us while you’re here and get connected to where your food comes from. We look forward to seeing you at our ranch!

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March 26th at the Gunstock Easter Egg Hunt

Price List

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or email us at beef@gunstockranch.com