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Planter’s Experience

Quick Details

  • Monarch Milo included (one per tour group)

*Upgrade to a dedicated and trackable tree.

Passenger (One Monarch Milo per group)
Lap Child (0-3)

Restore the Land 

As emissions rise and many wonder how they can curb their carbon footprint, tree plantings remain a simple but powerful way to fight pollution and create a legacy that will give back to the earth and the community for decades to come. When you plant a tree in Gunstock Ranch’s Legacy Forest, you not only send a ripple of positive change, but you participate directly in a special cultural experience.

During your tree planting and eco-tour, our guides will talk about the history of the Hawaiian land and how your tree will contribute to healing the local ecosystem. You’ll see wildlife, grazing cattle, and ocean views, then personally plant the tree in a memorable ceremony. When you leave, you’ll have made a measurable difference in the effort to create a sustainable future.

If you’d like to plant additional trees, you can upgrade to a specially dedicated and trackable tree. Proprietary technology lets you virtually monitor your tree’s growth and a dedication can be a wonderful way to honor a loved one or commemorate a special event.


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